E! Terrell: Savannah Jack

E! Terrell: Savannah Jack


SavannahJack_300Tomorrow is E! Terrell‘s last show for the season. They welcome Savannah Jack to Terrell and the Performing Arts Center at 7:30pm!

Musican-Vocalists Don Gatlin, Jay Darby and Matt Schumacher, along with guitar and drums, feature music from all genres with tight harmonies and incredible musicianship. Big Harmonies. Big Hits. Big Sounds.

“The absolute best band I’ve seen in music today.” – Joe Guercio (Music Director, Elvis Presley)

E! Terrell now has the tickets for next season available on their website. Famous names as Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Melinda Doolittle and Kubecka is coming to town so get your tickets now for an early bird price! www.eterrell.org

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