The Terrell Police Department will be out in force again this year during the upcoming holiday. As we draw near to another July 4th Fireworks display, police enforcement will be fair, but firm. The annual Fireworks show sponsored by the Terrell Chamber of Commerce is the only authorized City event and is exempted by ordinance. Any other fireworks display is illegal inside city limits. The annual event is scheduled for July 4, 2016 with other festivities to begin at 8:00 p.m., at Ben Gill Park.

A firm approach in the last several years has proven successful, so this year the department will continue with this philosophy. Arrests, citations and seizures may occur again this year.

The City of Terrell has had an ordinance against the possession, sale and the shooting of fireworks for many years. Alcohol consumption in city parks, as well as many other public areas is also prohibited. “The ordinances are clear, not only is consumption of alcohol not allowed, but mere possession of alcohol or open packages of fireworks in a city park is a misdemeanor violation,” remarked Captain Sansom, Terrell PD Public Information Officer.

The men and women of the Terrell Police Department wish everyone a very safe and happy Independence Day!

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