pollysammyvertEvery year several pets are killed in house fires. And not seldom the fire is caused by an animal. It can be a burning candle that the pet pushes, the stove gets turned on by accident or the animal pee in the electrical outlet. Simple things that could be prevented very easy. InTerrell.Net met Terrell Volunteer Firefighter Sammy Turner and the Dalmatian Polly to talk about what a pet owner can do to prevent a fire and what to do if you have a fire.

The most common cause of fire is that a candle has been left, homeowner leaves the house and the pet simply tilts it. Very often the fire starts in the bathroom, it is a nice smell to a candle there and so easy to forget them. Open flames very often attracts both dogs and cats and it doesn’t take much for an accident to appear. So simply, put a note on your door if you light a candle so you don’t forget to blow it out when leaving the house.

A very good thing to do as well is to put a sticker on the door advising how many animals there is in the house, both dogs and cats. That tells the firefighters what to look for and if you have any other emergency that forces law enforcement or EMS to enter the house, they will not have a surprise. Put the stickers both on your front and back door, one of the entrances might be blocked by the fire and they have to use another way in. There are stickers available to buy at any major pet store.

If you have your animal in a crate when you are leaving, put the crate close to a door so it is easy to find and gets fast to get them out of the house in case of a fire. Make sure you don’t put the crate close to an electrical outlet, it has happened that pets has caused fire by peeing in the outlet.

Something that not many people think about is to not leave a glass water bowl for your pet outside on a wooden deck. The sun’s rays when filtered through the glass and water can actually heat up and ignite the wooden deck beneath it. Choose stainless steel or ceramic bowls instead.

Of course… check your battery in your smoke alarm monthly and change battery in them every six month. Very important regardless of any pets in the house or not.

In case of a fire, evacuate the building as fast as possible and call 911. If there are animals left in the building, let the dispatchers and fire fighters know that there are animals left and how many, also advise them where the animals sleeping place is or favorite hiding place is. In that way they can easier find the animals. Firefighters are animal lovers, most of them have pets themselves and it is a life as important to save as a human.

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