Looking for a job?

Looking for a job?


UnknownAre you looking for a job? Did you know that we have a Workforce Center in Terrell? Yes, they are located on 109 Tejas Drive, Suite 300, just behind DPS. Even thou they have been in town for a long time, this seems to be one of the hidden secrets in town.

The Workforce Center is “committed to advancing business-driven talent development strategies that promote economic growth, opportunity and quality workforce”. Simply, they have a large database with jobs available in various fields and they are specialized in matching the right job with the perfect employee. Twice a week they as well have a job fair where you are welcome to meet potential employers and talk to them face to face and do your interview right there and then, and who knows, you might be walking out of there with a new job?!

But the Workforce Center doesn’t just offer services for job seekers. They also helps out business that are looking for employers. The database are full of potential employees, with previous experiences and resume.

The next hiring event is coming up this Tuesday between 10 am and 12pm at the workforce Center! So bring your resume and you might have a new job!

Terrell Hiring Event 07-26-16

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