Terrell PD Pressrelease

Terrell PD Pressrelease


On Thursday, July 21, 2016, at 6:23 p.m., the Terrell Police Narcotics Unit confronted an individual by the name of Jonathan Lee Lyons, 39, of Terrell, who was suspected of being in possession of a quantity of marijuana and wanted on a number of charges. Upon confronting the subject he began to flee police on foot. Officers apprehended him and he began resisting arrest. During the struggle, he removed a bag of marijuana and began eating it. Officers eventually got him under control and recovered a portion of the marijuana, but he did ingest some of it. It is unknown if other drugs were already in his system or also ingested immediately prior to arrest. An ambulance was called to the scene to check his medical status. He was treated and released to police custody. He was then taken to the Terrell Municipal Detention Center where he was charged with multiple charges, including the warrants, Tampering with Evidence, Resisting Arrest, Possession of marijuana and Evading Arrest. Overnight in the jail, he seemed in good condition.

During his arraignment Friday morning, Detention Officers observed he was visibly shaking. He was offered medical attention and he refused. However, due to the nature of the incident, an ambulance was called and he was transported to Kaufman Presbyterian hospital.

Police were later notified by the hospital that he had gone into cardiac arrest. He was revived and remains in ICU.

He has been released from official police custody and “at large” warrants will be sought. Terrell Police will be notified of changes in his condition.

UPDATE JULY 25, 2016:

In an email from Terrell Police Department this morning;

“Mr. Lyons condition has improved and it is anticipated that he will be released from the hospital this afternoon.”

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