Gale Surratt, one of Terrell’s citizens is tired of the filthiness in our parks. Trash and weeds are getting out of hand. But instead of just complaining, she is taking action! Gale is calling everyone for help on Monday night between 6:30-8:30pm. Come to the Ben Gill Park wooden playground by the football stadium and take pride in the clean up. The more people that helps out, the faster it goes and what a difference it can make! Bring your family, friends and co-workers and a pair of work gloves, maybe a rake and a how and a great smile! “Heck… You might even meet a new friend or two” said Gale

The City of Terrell is providing trashbags, InTerrell.Net will provide water for everyone and Tiger Ice will sponsor with ice so everyone stays hydrated! If you have any questions, contact Gale Surratt at 469-964-8609.

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