About 15 people showed up to the clean up yesterday in Ben Gill Park. It was after Gale Surratt, a citizen of Terrell made a call to the community to help out cleaning up the trash and weeds at the playground, next to Chamber Of Commerce. Just a couple of weeks earlier she found a needle there, and that’s when she had enough. She has spoken to the Park Board and even been out to look together with them but the city doesn’t have the funds nor the manpower to maintain it.

So after some encouragement on social media, people came, ready to work. It was heads down and pull and fight. People vs. Grass 1-0. But the work is far from done. “Next time we will gather will be August 10th at 6:30pm” Said Gale. The more people that helps out, the better and the faster it goes and the more fun!


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