Donation Taxi

Donation Taxi


Dear InTerrell.Net!

I would like to highlight a man who really helped me today!

I had a wreck with my car last week. Nothing major, no injuries just an ugly car that will be in the shop for a while. According to our insurance and dealership there is no rental car available until next week. I am certainly not the only one in this situation without a car in this heat, that’s for sure. I live a couple of miles outside the Terrell City Limit and today was one of those days where I had to walk to town. All my options was exhausted.
So I started walking. I made it half the way to my destination when a man pulls up next to me and turn down the window and say, “This is the Donation Taxi, it is too hot to walk, no matter what”. Mom has always told me NOT to jump into cars with strangers and I honestly can admit that I hesitated. But at this time I had walked for over 1.5 hour and had at least another hour to go in the 102F heat. I took the offer and jumped in. Well, it turns out the man, Markus Parrish, has just started a non-profit organization back in June, Donation Taxi. He works at Madix but together with his brother he realized the need for a taxi service in town. He spends a lot of time in his car helping people. The City doesn’t allow taxi, but technically it is just a ride and if you can donate for the gas, that is great, if you can’t, then Markus say that he had made a good deed and helped someone in need. And he sure did today!

On Markus Facebook page you can read a post from June this year:  “Donation Taxi is up and running. This is a non-profit organization. The donations go towards being able to keep this good deed in effect for our community. It is hot outside and no one needs to be walking. So for more information, contact us at 469-614-3045.


Thank you Markus for helping me out today!

Cilla Wichmann

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