404211_144176282366478_466043013_nA group of 11 people will today head from Terrell to Nashville representing E! Terrell. They will attend a three day conference where they will listen to, evaluate and pick shows for the 2017-2018 season.

Approximately 40 different shows will be presented to the group. When evaluating what groups to request they are looking at important factors like Student Outreach Programs, availability, price and what would Terrell like to see. To pick groups that has a Student Outreach Program and can spend time and teach our students in different grades is essential for E! Terrell.

We are looking forward to one of the best seasons ever this year, kicking off on September 8th with Dallas Symphony Orchestra. We will also see Idol Finalist Melinda Doolittle, Kubecca and Equinox Little Big Band, just to mention some. Tickets are available on E! Terrell’s website and at The Heart Of Avon, 203 W. Moore Ave in Terrell.

You will be able to follow the groups trip on E! Terrell’s Facebook page.

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