Last night was the second night the community of Terrell came together in Ben Gill Park for more clean up. When Gale Surratt started this movement she didn’t realize what a respond she would get. First Baptist Church came with approximately 25 volunteers and another 25 people came just because they felt the need. They all dig their hands in the ground and pulled, groaned and pushed in the over 100F heat. And what a difference it made! Just beautiful!
It is a park that The City of Terrell just can’t afford to maintain in the way the citizens want it to be. It is a great park for our kids to play at and it would probably be more utilized if it was maintained. But it was when Gale found a needle and syringe in the playground area that she had enough. She took to Facebook and asked for help, and she sure got it!


The City had promised to get mulch earlier this week for the Veterans Memorial Park but when that was delivered it was not usable for the Memorial Park. It wasn’t treated and would not last in the park for more than a couple of months. Then on Monday night, Bruce Bryant from American Legion Post 162 contacted Gale and said they would make sure good mulch would be delivered to the park. It was important for them to see our beautiful Memorial Park to look the best it possibly could! What an amazing step up! The City is trying at this time to find the appropriate weed barrier cloth for the park to put down so the park will be easier to maintain.

This movement really show what an amazing community Terrell, Texas is. Come together and help out and get it moving in the right direction. The kindness, the teamwork from civilians, civic organizations, churches and businesses. Tiger Ice for example donated Ice for the volunteers and TX Construction started replacing broken boards at the playground.

More information will come later with information when the mulch will be arriving and the next work date has been set.

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