On Monday February 15, 2016, Chief Jody L. Lay presented Christian Ware with a Certificate of Appreciation for the recent work he and twenty-one other scouts from Boy Scout Troop 390 performed at the Terrell Police Department Firing Range. Christian coordinated with members of the Terrell Police Department to redesign and reconstruct the target system at the firing range as part of his Eagle Scout project at no cost to the city. Christian’s revitalized design allows for more efficient maintenance of the target system and will assist in streamlining operations for the federal, state, and local agencies that utilize the Terrell firing range.

This project was one of Christian’s last tasks in order for him to receive the high honor of Eagle Scout.


Currently a Life Scout, Tyler Jordan Martinez, in late July 2016, also sought to help law enforcement and was working to complete his Eagle Scout honors. He and his group purchased new supplies and replaced the now damaged backboards and repaired all damaged posts on the redesigned pistol portion of the Terrell range. He and several others scouts then duplicated that same design. By first removing the old, they completely rebuilt and fully replaced the entire system for the rifle area of the range. Martinez is 12 years old and was assisted by other scouts in his troupe, Charles Martinez., Duncan Winters., Dallas Hoover., Jacob Aguilar, Mathew Moore., Cody Corral., and Ethan Isbell.

He will also receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Department.


On August 17, 2016 Martinez is seen with Captain Sansom showing his appreciation for the completed project. Sansom said, “We really appreciate the fine job both of these young menand many volunteers have done. Even more important to us, all of these young men were excited to work on a project that benefited local law enforcement. We are grateful. ”

“It was inspirational to see the poise and discipline of these young men and how well they worked with the leaders of the Scout Troop and the parent volunteers. These two separate projects are of great benefit to not only the city, but the many agencies using the Terrell Police Firing Range.” said Lay.

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