Shooting Under Investigation

Shooting Under Investigation


Terrell Police and Fire First responders acted quickly in response to a bizarre incident involving a 22 month old and a shooting incident.

On Tuesday, September 6, 2016, around 2:15 p.m., Administrative Police personnel heard a subject pounding on the east side vestibule door screaming for assistance. Officers exited the building to find a Blue Dodge pickup in the wrong way entrance of the fleet parking area near the covered parking area of the Police Department. There was a toddler in the vehicle and the driver door was open and the engine was running.

Subsequent search by both non-uniform and uniformed officers located a male subject and a crying infant then under the care of first responders in the Fire station- One, bay area.

The infant was the victim of an apparent single gunshot wound to the left upper neck. The male parent was hysterical and the infant was crying, but alert and responsive. Careflight Ground responded to the location and immediately transported the child to the airport pending Careflight Air lift to a Dallas area hospital.

Criminal investigators and Crime Scene technicians responded. The police are investigating the cause of the incident, but preliminary reports indicate the children were left in the running vehicle at South Western Christian College campus while the father was conducted some business just feet away from the vehicle. A shot was heard and it was clear the infant was injured. The parent responded immediately to the Police Department to obtain assistance.

A 9mm handgun was located in the vehicle and seized as evidence and there was an exit hole in the right rear passenger door of the truck.

Update @ 6:39pm from Terrell PD:

The father’s name is now being released, but we are not releasing the names of the children. Both are females, the injured child is 22 months old and the other uninjured child is 3 years old.

The father is Elroy Caleb Middleton, 25 of Terrell.

The father’s affiliation to the Southwestern Christian College Campus is still under investigation. He initially reported he was “with security.” He is not a state licensed security officer. He is also not a license to carry permit holder. However, it is not a violation of state law to possess a firearm in a vehicle in Texas.  However, it is a violation to make a weapon accessible to a minor. A full investigation is being conducted into the incident and any applicable charges will be filed at the conclusion of the investigation.

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