It all started about 5 years ago. Kiwanis Club International came up with the mission to eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus in the world.It is a deadly disease that steals the lives of nearly 49,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. Absolutely not an easy task, but not impossible. It could be done if it was possible to raise the money for vaccinations. A woman needs a series of 3 shots and the entire series is $1.83. Well, that might not sound so much but we are talking about 30-35 countries to cover.
The Kiwanis International bonded together with UNICEF and through different local projects around the world the “Eliminate Project” kicked off.

As a local club you could choose to just participate or become a “Model Club”. And, as usual, Terrell wants to be (and is) the best so of course they took on the mission to be just a Model Club. Their goal was then to raise over $38,000. And guess what. They did it! They have now raised over $38,600.Even though the project is not over, they have now helped eliminate Maternal Neonatal Tetanus in 19 out of 30 countries in just 5 years. That is amazing. Everything on top of this is “icing on the cake”. Impressive is the Children’s Club here in Terrell, just themselves has raised over $15,000 to the project. Fundraisers as Blue Jeans Day for teachers, Auctions and package of cards has been going on and will continue going on.

14242433_10154493869059458_5205161982260656912_oOne of the big fundraisers every year is the golf tournament. It will be held at Waterview Golf Club in Rowlett on Monday September 26th. Fees include a hot dog lunch at 11:30, 1:00 pm tee time and fajita dinner following the tournament. There are still several sponsor opportunities available. You can also register a team to play! 



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