Impersonate A Public Servant

Impersonate A Public Servant


A Royce City man has been arrested for impersonating a public servant. Terrell Police first became aware of the offense last week, when a homeless man reported a contact days prior. He was stopped while walking, by the subject, who was operating a vehicle. The vehicle, later determined to be a rental vehicle, was displaying both red and blue lights to the front at the time of the stop. It was described as a dark blue Ford SUV.

The subject verbally identified himself as an undercover officer of the Terrell Police Department. At the time of the offense, the victim didn’t think it odd and the suspect was helpful, even gave him a ride to a restaurant where again he verbally stated his “police officer” employment status to the manager of the establishment. In neither incident did he attempt to produce any credentials, nor were any requested.

A good description was provided and he was identified by a patrol division member as Dallas Foy Browning, 20 years of age of Royce City He was interviewed initially by a detective over the phone. He lied to the detective stating he was a member of a large Metro City Fire Department. The agency name is withheld. However, that agency was contacted and a Captain confirmed he is not a member, nor do they have a record of him ever applying for the Fire service there.

Browning voluntarily came in for interview and again lied to the detective claiming his employment at the Fire Service for which authorities already knew he had no connection and was not under their employ. 2

Upon further investigation, authorities determined the Impersonating a Public Servant offense is valid and a warrant was issued on Tuesday November 7, 2017.

He was subsequently arrested by the Royce City Police Department the same day.

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