Good Samaritan Hijacked In Terrell

Good Samaritan Hijacked In Terrell


Many of us know about Donation Taxi in Terrell. We wrote about him in August 2016 when one of our reporters had her car broke down. Markus Parrish then picked her up outside QT and gave her a ride to the office. Since then many people has used Donation Taxi. If you need a ride, you can give Markus a call and donate as much as you can to the cause. The donations goes to gas and maintenance and they are since last year a registered 501c3.

On Monday afternoon Markus was hijacked and robbed on his car on South Rockwall St and Cottage St. A man was on the ground and Markus went out of his car to help out when the man suddenly stood up, showed something that could be a gun, jumped in to Markus car and took off.


Markus is now without a car and therefore unable to help the community with their rides around town. Therefore they have started a fundraiser to raise money for a new car. Or maybe there is a car dealer or some  out there that can donate a car to Donation Taxi so the people relying on the service still can get where they need to be.

New information: The victim’s vehicle in this case was recovered by Dallas PD last night. There were two occupants, a male and female. Neither party matched the description of the Robbery suspect. The investigation continues in the matter and how these parties came to be in possession of the vehicle or what if any connection they have to the original actor in the Robbery.

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