On July 10, 2018 at approximately 11:15 p.m., a Terrell Police Officer observed a white Nissan Maxima traveling westbound, on Greenwood St. approaching SH 34. A registration return found the vehicle’s registration expired March 2018. This vehicle continued westbound. The officer turned south in the alley way and then back west toward SH 34 and north on SH 34 to Greenwood. As the officer is turning on Greenwood, he observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed north on San Jacinto St. As the officer caught up with this vehicle, he locates the Maxima with expired registration backing into the driveway of 808 San Jacinto with front of the vehicle still on the roadway and the headlights not illuminated. The officer initiated a traffic stop on this vehicle. The officer observes there is a black and red Ford Mustang parking behind the Maxima, with the brake lights still illuminated. Additional units were requested and responded.

The driver of the Maxima, a Hispanic male later identified as Jose Andrade 18 of Terrell, exited the vehicle and the officer spoke with him advising the reasons for contact. The odor of marijuana was clearly present and he admitted that there was marijuana in the vehicle but denied there was anything else. The officer recognized the passenger of the Maxima to be Erick Alcaraz Rangel 21 of Terrell He lied about his age to police. Paraphernalia was observed as he exited the vehicle and the officer began patting him down for weapons and drugs. Marijuana was located in his groin area. The marijuana was in a clear bag and fell out of Erick’s underwear onto the ground. The officer noticed that Erick was clenching the muscles of his buttocks as if he was trying to hold something. Searching further, powder cocaine, more marijuana and methamphetamine were found in his rectal region, being concealed.

During lawful search, a clear bag containing small bags of powder cocaine, a single blue bag containing methamphetamine. were then found in the vehicle console. A bag of marijuana was also located in the cup holder as well.

The officer noticed that the majority of the cocaine and methamphetamine were individually packaged for sell. The officer seized digital scales, additional packaging, a grinder and 4 cellphones. Despite not being employed, Erick had $633.00 in his pocket. Andrade claimed to work construction and was found in possession of $384.00. The money is believed to be the proceeds of illegal narcotics transactions and will be seized. The subjects in the Ford Mustang were identified as Jose Velazquez-Arteaga and Luis Leon-Arteaga. The passenger door was left open. Narcotics investigator observed marijuana shake on the carpet near the passenger door. The Mustang was search based on probable cause, but no other contraband was found.

Rangel and Andrade were arrested and transferred to Terrell Municipal Jail. The drugs on Erick’s person weighed: marijuana 10.6 grams, methamphetamine 2.8 grams and 2.6 grams powder cocaine. The drugs that Andrade claimed weighed: marijuana 23 grams, .2 grams methamphetamine, and 2.3 grams powder cocaine.

Erick Alcarez-Rangel was charged with 2 counts of Man/Del CS PG1 =>1<4 and Poss. Marij. < 2oz.

Jose Andrade was charged with Man/Del CS PG 1 =>1<4, Man/Del CS PG1<1 and Poss. Marij. < 2oz.

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