“The Golden Voices” Red Carpet Premiere in Terrell


The prestigious “Golden Voices Competition” is to be held this year at Terrell Christian College (TCC), but there’s one problem TCC does not have a choir. Georgia Mae Jackson (Irma P. Hall) who is the head of the music department has been challenged by the Assistant Dean Vickie Wilson (Tonea Stewart), to put a choir together in one month or lose her job.
Georgia’s back goes out so she tricks her granddaughter, Sidney Nicole Taylor (Nikki Dixon) into taking over the choir for her. Sidney turns the college upside down when she hires a fallen, bad boy, R&B singer, “Jax Rebel” (Mario Mims), to help her with the choir. Dean Wilson finds out about Jax’s sorted past and threatens to fire Georgia if they don’t win the competition. Will, Sidney and Jax be able to save Georgia’s job?

This is producer M. Legend Brown’s fifth movie shot in Terrell. A Man Called John (2015) and A Heart That Forgives (2016) was both awarded several awards around the country.

On Saturday August 4th The Golden Voices will have a red carpet premiere at Terrell High School. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased HERE.

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